OH2BCE Antennas

GP Windom

My 11M GP (Right) and My 160-10M Windom (Left)

Windom (Left)

My Windom is Wimo Windom 160-10m. Length is 78 meter long and it is installed 15 meters above on the ground with three different metal post. Wideband antenna for the harmonic bands 160, 80, 40, 20, 17, 12 and 10m. Somewhat more bandwidth then a dipole, good SWR on all bands. Antennawire of PVC coated steel wire. Includes balun 1:6,connector SO-239. The balun is located at one third of the antenna length.
Weight 2.25kg Wire Material Flexible, Zinc coated steel wire. Diameter 2mm, transparent plastic insulation, total diameter 3mm
Max HF Power: Telegraphy:200W, SSB:200W, FM:100W, AM/Digital:50W


11M GP (Right)

My 11M GP is Solarcon A-99 with the ground planes.
Originally intended for the use of CB bands. Omni-Directional Fiberglass 20-10M Vertical Antenna, Max power 200 Watts PEP. And with ATU it can handles 40-10M bands. Length is 5,5 meter and it is installed about 15 meters above on the ground.